Client Highlight: Bad Seed Guitars

Client Highlight: Bad Seed Guitars

"The accuracy and reliability is just unprecedented."

Sheldon Currington, owner of Bad Seed Guitars, is absolutely stoked with his purchase.  Running from a commercial unit in Porirua, his guitars are world famous.
"I managed to get backstage at a Metallica show with a guitar I made with a Chromoly body, and that sealed the deal for two more guitars personally purchased by James Hetfield."



Currington purchased the very first machine that got dispatched from the factory, with the second serial number ever allocated making his machine famous at the factory.

"We ended up sand blasting his gantry plates, to give his machine a unique signature to help identify it as special to him and also to our team" Liam Beale, CEO, Zealandia Systems.

"Sheldon was very excited that he had the first machine out of the factory, and we worked together for faults and feature improvement, as he was our first end-case user" says Beale.

 The process was straight forwards, Currington had his machine operating within hours of it being removed from the box.

"While Sheldon knew it was a steep learning curve, after visiting his premises and seeing what he is accomplishing, he is well along the self learning journey" says Beale.

"We are really excited to see where his CNC journey takes him, and continue to support him well into the future."


Too see more of Sheldon's work, have a look at his website: