Getting Started with your Proteus CNC









Download and install, or update to the latest version of our Control Software, Gladius

To connect to the machine, open Gladius, and you will need to Click the Big Blue button "Disconnected" to show the drop down menu. 

Select the correct com port, and hit "Open".

Next, press "Homing" to home your machine.  It will move and home all the axis'.



Download the latest firmware for your machine here:

[Fix broken link]


In order to do a firmware update, you will need to enter M997 into the console in Gladius.   Once you do this, the controller will restart and open a USB drive on your PC.  Click and drag or copy and past this attached firmware file into the USB drive.  Once complete, the controller will automatically reboot and install the update.


SwordFish Post Processor

Autodesk Fusion 360:

(You may have to, right click -> Save As -> All File Types -> Swordfish.cps)

Handy guide to installing a Post Processor in Fusion360


Enabling Tool Changes in Fusion




Vectric V-Carve:

Handy guide to installing a Post Processor in Vectric software

[insert link to Post Processor download]


Moving the Machine

On the right hand side of the screen, you will see some arrows and stuff.  Clicking the arrows will cause the machine to move.  At the top of that segment is a little keyboard, and hovering your mouse over it will tell you its keyboard shortcuts. 

You can change the distance in which the machine moves by clicking the big + or - buttons, or by dropping down the box above them.


Tool Offset Probe Calibration

Now as it is a brand new machine, you will need to calibrate the tool probe. 

Before calibrating the G59.9 (tool probe) WCS, you should install a tool into the spindle, sticking out roughly 35mm.

Move the spindle directly above the tool probe, before running the following g-code.


; clear any active tool offset


; select the tool probe wcs


; run the probe


; set the coordinates

G10 L20 P60 X0 Y0

; save the settings


Here is a little video on how it functions once its calibrated.  Get a 6mm drill bit or one of your new tools, measure it with some calipers as you will need it for the calibration.


WCS Touch Plate

In order to set your first Work Place Coordinates (WCS in future reference) we have to use the Touch Plate.  This will only work if you have already done a manual Tool Change function to set the first tool length with your Tool Probe.  Plug the touch plate into the front of the machine.

Place the plate on the work piece and jog the spindle so that the tool is in the middle and about 15mm above the bottom of the pocket on the plate. 

Inside Gladius, make sure you have the correct corner that you are probing, set in the probe screen.  Make sure the correct tool diameter is set as well... otherwise this will cause you some grief 😊

Hit XYZ Probe to automatically start the probe function.

Here's a little video



Setting Workspace Limits:

You will need to make sure limits are set:


M212 X0 Y0 Z-150

M213 X1330 Y1330 Z0


Programming which VFD is installed

You will need to set the default spindle driver:



G10 L54 D1 T1

G10 L55 P1 D1 I10 V18000



G10 L54 D1 T1

G10 L55 P1 D1 I10 V18000



G10 L54 D1 T2

G10 L55 P1 D1 I10 V24000




Running your Machine

Startup procedure:

  1. Turn on your Machine at the controller
  2. Make sure the USB is connected to the Computer
  3. Connect to your machine through Gladius
  4. Home the machine
  5. Run a tool change to set machine work co-ordinates
  6. Run the XYZ Probe, or manually set work coordinates
  7. Press X0Y0 and Z0 to move the machine to work coordinate origin to verify position.
  8. Ready to go! Run your GCode


Spindle Warmup:

The warmup should be performed before use to increase the longevity of your machine.  Each stage should be held for 120 seconds (two minutes)

  1. 7,500 RPM
  2. 9,000 RPM
  3. 11,500 RPM
  4. 15,000 RPM
  5. 18,000 RPM



In order to run a program, you must have already exported the CAM file from Fusion360.  You open it up in Gladius, and hit the go button :)

Make sure the spindle is definitely spinning up before it starts moving to go and cut, if it isn't then give me a message we might have to tweak something.





Fusion 360 post processor, we might have to tweak some options in here to get it going, so let me know how you get on after a couple attempts to give a go