Proteus CNC Gantry Routers

Proteus CNC Gantry Routers

Our new Proteus P2 and P3 listings are now live.

Check out P2 here

Check out P3 here

The new range of machines feature:

  • Working envelope of 1300x1300 (P3) or 700x1300 (P2)
  • Our own Marlin derived firmware, Swordfish, and Swordfish controller.
  • No more lead screws! Upgraded to 1616 ball screws
  • Fixed lots of bugs with CNCjs, with our own official Swordfish implementation called "Gladius"
  • 48v Stepper motors, increased from 24v effectively doubling motor torque
  • 50% increase of motor torque
  • Max Feed currently capped at 10,000mm/min
  • Correction of ball screw pitch to fix accuracy issue
  • Linear Rails
  • 1.5kw VFD and Spindle, with RS485 link to the controller
  • Dual Y axis end stop and tramming correction
  • Ball screw pillow blocks
  • Faster rapids
  • Faster feeds
  • Greater rigidity
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Rated to 50 micron accuracy (0.05mm), observed under controlled conditions to 10 micron.

The machines are assembled pre-wired, ready for our next line of upgrades:

  • 4th Axis unit
  • Fixture plates
  • Workholding options, such as vises
  • 6KW Automatic tool changer (ATC)
  • Opt Laser ready
  • Pendant controller
  • Coolant (Mist and Air)
  • Vacuum Bed
  • Vacuum Fixture Plates
  • Dust Extraction