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Discovery GR

Wondering where to start with CNC? Start right, with these modular, scaleable, bare-bones, no frills entry level commercial units.

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What our clients have had to say:


We bought our P3, (We call him Bert), the main use is for cutting foam, we use the 2kw spindle and the laser equally. The laser is getting more use as we find different applications. We love Bert!

Phill Ruby

Advanced Technical Services Ltd, NZ


Liam and the team happily answered all of our questions prior to ordering and when we were having issues (operator malfunctions) they are always there to assist and get us going again

Danny + Tara Sage

iSage Interiors, NZ


I highly recommend Zealandia Systems and their Proteus P4! mine's called Robbie the Robot. Few a new CNC user like me, both the machine itself and the service have been exceptional, enabling me to realise my woodwork ideas with ultimate precision, reliability and repeatability. I couldn't be happier, 100% stoked.

Jeremy Culpitt

Emerge Woodwork, NZ


I bought this as a toy to play with but it is more than earning its keep and the funny thing is - it is good enough for me to set it going and walk away without worrying - this allows me to do other shit while it makes money - I think it is working out between $120-$140/hr - not bad in my opinion.

Dave Lind

Thames, NZ

Functional Status Lights

Know how your machine is running at a glance

Endless Possibilities

With scalable hardware solutions


Complex problems with simple solutions

We are building a Scale, 9 cylinder radial aircraft engine as a demonstration piece and documenting the whole process using the Discovery Gantry Router 0606

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