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Proteus P2
Proteus P2
Proteus P2
Proteus P2
Proteus P2

Proteus P2

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Designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Zealandia Systems, the Proteus range is perfect for the light commercial user.

Fully Assembled

All Proteus machines come fully assembled, including the Proteus P2. They are shipped in their own custom-built shipping crates to keep them safe during transit. Just make sure you have some help to unload your machine and take it out of the box.

Once your Proteus P2 machine arrives it is ready to use straight out of the box. Just make sure you have pre-installed all the necessary software - this can be done before your machine arrives.


The Proteus range of machines are designed for versatility and can be used to cut a range of material dependent on which spindle model is chosen.

1.5KW & 2.2KW Spindle ER20

  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Acrylics
  • ACM
  • Soft metals, such as Aluminium and Brass

6KW Spindle ISO30 Automatic Tool Changer

  • All 1.5 and 2.2KW spindle material
  • High Speed Aluminium Machining
  • Steel
  • Titanium

Working Area

  • 1300x700mm minimum XY work area
  • 155mm minimum Z travel
  • 5x Full Length T Tracks running front to rear
  • MDF waste boards as standard


The Proteus uses 16mm ball screws with a 16mm pitch to drive each axis with power being provided by NEMA 23 stepper motors.  The ball screws are held in place by a dual angular contact bearing to take any load off the motor, and further removing backlash in the system.

Using 48V Stepper system and 400 microstep resolution, we have a linear resolution of 1.25micron in all axis.

This design provides the Proteus superior accuracy over any other machine in the market.


The brains behind Proteus is a SAMD51 microcontroller running an optimized version of Marlin, called Swordfish.

The Swordfish controller is a modular design, including the microcontroller board, four driver boards running DM556T motor drivers and RS485.

The controller connects to the machine using an industrial “Harting” connector and is secured in place by two levers so there is no chance of accidental disconnection during operation.

Zealandia Systems makes continuous improvements to their controller and software, and the Proteus Swordfish controller is designed with easy upgradability in mind.


  • Wireless Probing Solutions
  • Automatic Tooling Changing
  • Work Fixturing
  • Vacuum Beds
  • Coolant Systems



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