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Venture GR
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Venture GR
Venture GR
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Venture GR

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Venture GR: Unleash Your Manufacturing Potential

A CNC Gantry Router Built for Efficiency and Precision

The Venture GR is a robust and user-friendly CNC gantry router designed to empower small and medium businesses, as well as individual makers, to achieve commercial-grade manufacturing. This machine is perfect for those looking to transform their ideas into reality with unmatched precision and efficiency.

Built to Last

The Venture GR boasts a sturdy steel construction utilizing laser-cut and folded sheet steel, tube, and plate. This ensures the machine can handle the demands of continuous use in high-production environments.

Precision Engineering for Exceptional Results

Venture GR features high-quality linear rails, ball screws, and a powerful spindle to deliver unwavering accuracy across your projects. Choose from three work area sizes (1300x1300, 1300x2500, and 1800x3600) to perfectly suit your workspace and project requirements.

  • Standard 4.5kw Manual Tool Change Spindle: Provides ample power for tackling a wide range of materials.
  • Xiphias/Swordfish Control Suite: Intuitive software for seamless operation and design control.
  • 20mm Linear Rails and 2020 Ball Screws: Ensure exceptional precision and smooth movement along all axes.
  • NEMA34 Closed Loop Integrated Stepper Motors (100VDC): Deliver exceptional torque and speed for efficient material processing.

Designed for Flexibility and Ease of Use

The Venture GR integrates seamlessly with popular design and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software packages such as Fusion 360, Mozaik, Enroute, CAMBam, and Vectric, allowing you to import your designs directly for efficient production. The optional dual, independent x and z carriages further enhances the machine's versatility, enabling you to tackle even the most complex projects. For optimal material hold-down and dust control, a vacuum bed can be added.

Unlock Your Manufacturing Potential

The Venture GR is the perfect solution for businesses and makers looking to:

  • Increase production efficiency and accuracy
  • Expand their material processing capabilities
  • Bring their designs to life with professional results
  • Achieve commercial-grade manufacturing without breaking the bank

Expertly Engineered. Affordably Priced. Success Made Attainable.

The Venture GR is a Fernmark Registered product, signifying its commitment to quality and innovation.

Ready to take your manufacturing to the next level? Add the Venture GR to your cart today and unlock a world of possibilities.